The Slaughter of the beautiful

They only wanted to roam freely and live in peace. Extinction is facing them.. The world is troubled


Too little too late. What a Shame..

The world stood by and watched the slaughter of civilians, women and children by Russia and Assads army. Europe and America never stood together and strong to help the people of Allepo. They must all share the blame for allowing this suffering which could have been averted.  The brutality of the Russia towards another countries people is unforgivable..

Fulfilment of prophecy..

Sometimes the most unpopular persons or people could be placed to fulfill certain prophecies. Either good or bad. But when it happens we all reflect and wonder why them. When Trump met Netanyahu, he said he will restore Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal’s something the Israelites have long sought. But it will come as a price which we all fear. Hiltler was evil but his wicked atrocities fulfilled a this space guys..

Contrast believes

Thousands marched in the street of Jarkata, calling for the head of a government official after allegedly insulting the Koran/Islam. Surely we have a  God of forgiveness and love. People on a daily basis said  and remarked all kinds of defamed towards the bible. The difference is the bible teaches us all not hate but forgive, not to judge. ” he without sin cast the first stone”. Christians do not go seeking death or retaliation just because the Bible or Christianity  has been insulted.

It’s alleged he killed nearly 3 thousand people..were they all drug traffickers or did he kill drug addicts too. An elected mayor has been assassinated? Where is this this the solution? So much bloodshed shed in a country that gone through so much. Not to mention natural disasters and ecological devastation. How can he justify all these killings..?