It’s a city that still stands, inhabited, has running water, electricity, shops, schools etc. Destroyed twice at least and occupied over 50 times by several invaders including the Babylonians, Persians, Romans and the Ottomans. Yet this City built by King David the King of Isreal and temple built by King Solomon, is the only surving city on the planet that still stands from the era before Jesus Christ. Christ is known to have preached and taught during his life in that city.

It is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims. It has stood  strong amongst all the invading empires, even after world war 2. None has been able to wipe the city of the face of the world. Whereas  all other cities from that era have been destroyed.

It’s a focal point of world politics and it will be a focal point of a coming global conflict. The point is why Jerusalem? What and Why was it a prized asset for most of the ancient empires and tyrants. Many of them expelled,captured or killed the Israelites that possessed the land from the time of David to Jesus. Israelis believe without Jerusalem as their capital, there is no true nation of Israel..its sacred to Christians because Christ was a Jew and it was the birth of Christianity. Sacred to Islam because they believe the Prophets Mohammed,s visits there?  What a magnificent place and this space…the battle for a new Jerusalem is just beginning..

Author: theworldistroubled

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