Out of Context

Guys please help me..During my research in all these extremist madness, the Koran chapter 9 verse 5 says ” slay the idolaters wherever you find them, take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”

When I ask my Muslim friends , I am told I have taken it out of context.I then respond back to them “but you claim it’s the word of God” . Can you guys explain or advise. Why will God use a verse like that?  How can this  context be defined. Anyone who is not Islamic are idolaters in their eyes. These include Christians, Jews , Hindus and other faiths. Why will God give a verse like that to Muhammed.? 🤔

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4 thoughts on “Out of Context”

  1. Scopeout and view the world today from the historyof the alphabetswhich have shaped the three prominent religions…..Muslim,Jewish and Christian.Each has changed and been altered producing transliterations in each.
    Than camp on the story of Babel than the repeated promises to scatterthe seed of Abraham.All is allpart of a divine plan to prepare Adam’s race forthe timeswhich ar rapidy approaching. Keep your eyes on Jesus and what he is doing throughout the nations. He is, has and will always do a new thing.REV10:8-11


    1. I am keeping my eyes on Jesus, the more we see how the world is unfolding the more the prophecy unfolds..

      The bible says ” every were he went GREAT crowds followed him”.

      No person on this planet or in history is matches those words.. Imagine going to sleep at night knowing great crowds are outside your house from all over the globe after hearing about his miracles.

      Well he needed the 12 disciples to assist. I could imagine how they coped..it must have been exceedingly tough for them.

      Do you realise Jerusalem is the only city still standing and inhabited BC and AD..every other city built before Christ has disappeared..

      Your quote about the biblical editions and changes regarding the bible isn’t that worrying. Regarding what version you read , the theme is always the same…the prophetic words never change.. No matter how man tries to change or alter to suit their needs, the spirit never lets them..


      1. his essence is found by, throughorfrom the Holy Spirit. A must forthose whoarecalledtoget all4ofthe baptisms.can e- mailyou a graph of the elements of the Glorious church….. you will be blessed. btw this is the one ( glorious) he is coming back to claim trunorthidaho@gmail.com

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